Optimizing the Bicycle Commute from Jamaica Plain to Kendall Square

It's been two weeks since I stopped doing the daily cross-state commute and we moved to Jamaica Plain. I've been exploring the best bike route from our new home in Jamaica Plain to work in Kendall Square.

The ride is very bimodal in its enjoyment level. Green = pleasant morning spin - 75%. Red = sucky roads with drivers trying to squish innocent bikers - 25%.

If some wiser veteran biker out there has suggestions, I've made the map editable...I'm refining this as I figure out the best ways to get between the two bike paths, and then to get from the end of the riverway bike path to the river.(Making the map editable was apparently a misplace of trust in the "crowd", as the original route was deleted and I had to remake it. So much for collaboration with the unwashed masses.)

Note the difference in the way back to get around the Kenmore Square death trap. And a slight difference in getting back across Rt. 9 after getting off the riverway as well.

This route is taking me 25 minutes door to desk...45 minutes less than my old commute. 90 minutes a day back. Y to the E to the S. Also - on the few days where I've driven, it's about 23 minutes door to desk. Ride your bikes, people. Good for the climate, good for the city, good for you. And a lot easier than you think.

Update #1:I've tweaked the way there to get to the river rather than dealing w/ Kenmore - go up Park Rd to Commonwealth, right on Commonwealth, and left (careful!) across Silber, straight to the ramp across Storrow.

Update #2:According the REI "Bike Your Drive" iPhone app, I save 11.4 lbs of CO2/day by not driving, which is worth $.10 according to (low) EU carbon prices. Willing to sell credits to qualified offset buyers.
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...will make a different route for getting home cuz there are some differences.