Back in college, I wrote little MP3 player that was mashed up with that OG Internet Meme - The Dancing Baby.

Dancing Baby

“The Dancing Baby Jukebox” was a simple web page on my college site (/~msly - remember those tildas?!) that embedded a shockwave player (remember Macromedia?!) and let you pick a song to have the baby dance to. The most popular was James Brown’s “Sex Machine.” (Of note: this was before the big napster controversy and I didn’t even realize what I was doing wasn’t exactly legal and I never got a smackdown from the RIAA…)

The project went a bit viral (I have no idea how!) and ended up being featured in the New York Times and on NPR and even in the Getty Musuem and the ensuing traffic crashed the college servers. My bad!

Here’s the college press release that is so old school that I had to scan it as a PDF

Fast forward ten years and indeed it turns out that life imitates art. Here is a video of my daughter when she was 10 months old: